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Bridge Commander News

This area will be updated reguarly. It will have all the current news that we can get our hands on.

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(2/15)D-E-M-O! BC's demo is avaiable on their main website, even had to change servers for so they could store the demo. Try clicking HERE to be directed to their webpage for the Download.

(2/13)Yup, you heard right, Bridge Commander has gone gold, that means that in an estimated two weeks from this date (Feb. 27th) the game should hit store shelves. For all you shaky gamers out there, you're times running out to figure if you have the guts to take the conn. For the official press release click HERE.

(2/11)YouHaveTheConn.Com is holding a really good contest. Prizes include 5 trips to Star Trek The Experience & New High End PCs, as well as, 45 new Geforce4 MX cards! Check out their site for details, or click the link above.

(2/7) David is very busy right now. He just got done with interviews from GamesDomain and HomeLan Fed. We've got GameDomain's Q & A link right here. GamesDomain's Interview

(2/6) 3D Action Planet has posted 52 New Screen Shots. Check them out Over There.

(2/5) David wrote more in his diary! It's all right HERE.

(1/28) Bridge-Commander.COM, not to be confused with the offical site (BridgeCommander.Com Official Site) was able to get a few more questions answered from David Litwin. Check ther site, or click HERE.

(1/27) Activision's Senior Producer, Parker Davis, answered a few more questions about BC in ComputerandVideoGames' interview. Check it out on their website or (like everything else) HERE.

(1/11/02) Totally Games' Creative Director: Larry Holland answers some questions through an IGN interview. Check it out on IGN's webiste or click HERE.

(12/21) David Litwin begins a diary on Gamespot's website. Very detailed work David!!! Again it can be found at Gamespot's website or HERE. (Shhhh, don't tell anyone I put this link here 8-)

(12/20)BRIDGE COMMANDER HAS GONE BETA!!! The development team has reported that they are deep in the beta testing stage right now and are almost complete with adding finishing touches on the game. It'll be a short time until BC hits a store near you. Stay tuned to's News section, or just keep comming back to here and we'll tell you the info as soon as we know it!

(12/17)Check out the Visuals Section of to see the official Bridge Commander Trailer, Footage from Rendered Cinematics and four of the latest screenshots.

(12/14) Avult posted quite a few new shots, check them out at Avult's Site.

(11/30) Six Visuals posted from the latest build of BC.

(11/16) Four Visuals posted.

(10/23)EIGHT, yes I said eight, new desktop backgrounds in the Fan Area of Bridge A couple of these we have not seen on the screen shot section of the website.

(10/22) Two new Screen Shots added to the Bridge Commander list, I am going to attempt to incorporate some of these new screenies into my collection in the screen shots section. Until then head over to the Visuals Section at Bridge

(10/12) Two new Screen Shots and also Voice Over information, Patrick Stewart is finishing up his voice overs for the game as well as Brent Spiner, both will be reprising their roles as Captain Picard and Cmdr. Data. More information can be found at Bridge

(10/5) FOURMORE New Screen Shots at BC's Main Website

We've got two shots of the new motion blur during warp, etc...we've got one with the new interface for the Engineering section and the last one is right before the soverign class vessel is firing it's the two energy beams comming together. Check them out at Visuals Section of BC.

(9/25) FOUR New Screen Shots at BC's Main Website

Two of the shots are of a Soverign class ship in battle with a Cardassian vessel, one is of a Soverign in battle with a Romulan Warbird, and the other is of a Federation Shuttlecraft going over a Soverign class vessel (my guess on that last one is: that's the sequence of you being promoted to the Soverign class ship). Enjoy them HERE.

(9/25) Good News...almost there...
According to Activision and Totally Games, they have hit the last stage before going to beta! Now the bad news, beta testing will only be done by a select few of Activision volunteers. So it's a closed testing deal. Sorry guys! However, there is word that a possible demo will be beating the game to shelves. Rev up the hi-speed connections!

(9/06) Bad Captain! No Command!
Someone's having a tough time in their Soverign class vessel, as seen in the two screen shots that were just released at Bridge Commander.Com. One is a top view of a Soverign class ship with a planet in the background, and the other is of a the same ship in battle with a Cardassian ship. Enjoy!

(8/21) It's been quiet...because of the MAJOR development!
The game has his Alpha stage! Which basically means that they are touching up the art and making sure everything is working perfectly for the beta testers. Only two more stages until us normal people get the game (Beta and Gold).

(8/09) Trippy Nebula
The new screenshot of the week is of a Galaxy class ship looking forward to aft, with a psycadelic (trippy) lookin' nebula in the back ground. Check it out at HERE.

(7/31) New Screenshot
The new screenshot of the week is a picture of two Soverigns being attacked with the glow effect on their shields and other ship lights, looks nice. Check it out here.

(7/27) Multiplayer News Announced
For fear of copyright violation I will not post anything about it here, but I do have a link: MP ANNOUNCEMENT.

Drum roll please. The BIG NEWS is: Mulitplayer is back! In an exclusive interview with Gamespot, Larry Holland revealed that Multiplayer is back with 5 different modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Federation vs. Non-Federation, Starbase attack and defend, and turkey shoot. Click on the Gamespot link above for the full interview!

(7/25) Akira...destroyed
This week's screenshot shows an Akira class ship blowing up and loosing a nacell, check it out at

(7/18) Ensign! Don't fly across MY bridge!
New Screenshot of the week at
This one is of an officer being caught off guard just as the ship is being hit by something and his console explodes throwing him across the bridge. By the way, it's on a Soverign class ship's bridge, and, I'm really worried about our Chief Engineer, he has really bad side vision. (You know...if this was a soccer game, that would be a pretty convincing goalkeeper dive).

(7/12) 3 New Shots
Three new screenshots were posted at Two are of the Quick Battle Setup, and the third is of a Nebula Class ship in battle with a couple of other ships. (The Soverign looks pretty nice, huh?)

(7/7) I'm Back!!!
Yup, the past two months were hell being a Senior at Stevenson High School. So, now that it's all over and I've recovered from finals, I am back and will be updating the site regularly again!

(7/5) New Screen Shot
They are working with seperation during damage sequences, this one is a shot of a Nebula class starship being blown to heck. Bridge Commander Visuals Page. It is of a Soverign ship under attack, nice shield effect and warp nacelle glow.

(5/20) Multiplayer Scrapped
Yup, you heard it, Activision has decided to scrap the Multiplayer feature. Our only hope is at The Prime Directive. They have a petition there that you can vote on, and after enough votes, Andrew (the site owner) is going to e-mail in the results of the tally and see if it will change Activision's mind. Go! NOW!

(5/12) Peter says it best!
The Totally Games Info Guy, who posts info at the message boards, has reported that BC isn't late...but then again it isn't early either! There was never a specific scheduled release date, so therefore it isn't on-time either! They say that the game is coming along nicely and should be released some time later this year (sometime between now and October). So, it also appears that they are not behind schedule, or are they?! :-)

(5/12) New Screen Shot
This one is NICE. It's a Soverign firing phasers at a Ferengi ship. The glow effects are awesome! Check it out at Their Site. (Or go over to my screen shot sections, it's the middle one on the bottom row).

(5/11) Bridge Commander Heads to E3
Bridge Commander will be heading to the E3 convention shortly. As soon as we find out the date, it will be posted here. E3 should be fairly amazed on the game's progress since it's origional debut.

(5/03) New Screenshot of the Week.
New screenshot of the week posted at Bridge
This one is of a Soverign getting the crap beat out of it...looks like someone wasn't very responsible at the con.

(4/23) New Screenshot of the week at

(4/06) Star Trek Gaming Message Boards Open!
Head over to: (This is a direct link to the message boards)