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Bridge Commander Game Features

This will have all the game features as they come out or are revealed by the development team on message boards

Vocal Commands Ability: This game has the awesome ability to use things like PC Commander to make the gaming experience all that more real. BC is programmable to make any command you could use the keyboard/mouse for now voice activated!

Multiplayer Capability! With five different styles of play! They are: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Federation VS. Non-Federation, Starbase Attack/Defend, and Turkey Shoot.

Interact With Your Crew: Issue orders receive reports from and even have the option to take direct control of individual bridge stations. Your crewmembers all have colorful individual personalities and shape your game experience.

Command from the Captainís Chair: As you incur damage the bridge shakes, consoles explode and crewmembers are thrown from their seats, capturing the true essence of Star Trek combat.

Work With Picard and Data: Interact with Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander Data (Brent Spiner) throughout the game -- furthering your training and providing you assistance.

Strategic Action: Engage in dramatic combat action with large capital ships possessing significant firepower but limited maneuverability that will require smart weapon management and skillful maneuvering to defeat your enemy.

Stunning 3D Ships: Enjoy the most accurate ship models ever in a Star Trek space sim -- painstakingly recreated with materials taken directly from Paramount Archives.

Amazing Special Effects: Plan your strategy on a gorgeous 3D battlefield and marvel at the effects that your success in battle provides you.